Dear Students,

I would like to introduce you the Student Council of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. We represent our Faculty’s students, which means that we try to help them if they have any problem at university.

There are 13 representatives in the Council who have the right to vote when we decide on a topic or share our point of view. We organize our work in different sections in form of committees. The Committee of Academic Affairs' responsibility is to act in matters of academic studies. The members of the committee participate in various Faculty meetings, negotiate with professors and represent the Council's point of view on these forums. The Social Committee's task is to coordinate the whole process of the application for need-based financial aid and grants. Our Public Relations Committee makes sure that our events and announcements get the attention of the Faculty's students and is responsible for our image. The Tendering Committee prepares and coordinates all the tenders available to the students via the Student Council.

With questions regarding your academic studies you can turn to the Committee of Academic Affairs, you can contact the members of the committee at

The Social Committee takes care of the matters of financial aid and grants, if you have any questions or need help with the submission of your application you can contact us at

The members of the Tendering Committee can reply your questions about our current tenders at:

If you have questions or problems with Neptun, please first visit this site:

In case you cannot decide which committee you should write to and the description above does not clarify which address you should write to, please use our general e-mail address hk@vik.hk or contact us in person in our office.